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Bryan Johnson, anti-aging guru

Inside the Life of a Billionaire Spending $2 Million Annually on Age Reversal

Breaking Records in Age Reversal: Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint for Longevity Success Introduction: Meet Bryan Johnson, the 47-year-old tech guru who’s redefining the aging game with his extraordinary commitment to reversing the biological clock. As the founder of Kernel, an ambitious venture delving into neuroscience and brain-machine interfaces, and the visionary behind OS Fund, a vehicle […]

5-Amino 1MQ, nmn, NAD

The Future of Longevity: Peptides that Enhance Lifespan

In the quest for a longer, healthier life, science is continually uncovering remarkable insights into the aging process. While the fountain of youth remains elusive, the emerging field of longevity peptides offers a glimpse into the tantalizing possibilities that lie ahead.