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Inside the Life of a Billionaire Spending $2 Million Annually on Age Reversal

Bryan Johnson, anti-aging guru

Breaking Records in Age Reversal: Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint for Longevity Success

Introduction: Meet Bryan Johnson, the 47-year-old tech guru who’s redefining the aging game with his extraordinary commitment to reversing the biological clock. As the founder of Kernel, an ambitious venture delving into neuroscience and brain-machine interfaces, and the visionary behind OS Fund, a vehicle for catalyzing transformative change in science and technology, Bryan Johnson has made it his mission to push the boundaries of human potential. However, what truly sets him apart is his pursuit of age reversal through an unconventional and dedicated regimen known as BLUEPRINT.

The BLUEPRINT Lifestyle: Bryan Johnson’s quest to slow down the aging process involves adhering to a strict daily regimen. He consumes over 100 supplements, follows a primarily vegan diet, exercises for an hour each day, goes to bed at 8:30 p.m., and rises at 4:30 a.m. He also practices caloric restriction, which entails consuming fewer calories, along with a plant-based diet. Key supplements in his routine include nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

A Journey of Transformation: Johnson’s dedication to age reversal is a result of a significant turning point in his life. In 2013, he sold Braintree, a payment platform, for a staggering $800 million. However, despite his financial success, he felt the need for a profound transformation.

Today, he oversees Kernel, a neurotech company that develops brain-signal-measuring helmets, and OS Fund, a venture capital fund focusing on emerging science and technology. Yet, what truly distinguishes him is his unwavering commitment to extending human lifespan, a journey outlined in detail on his website, BLUEPRINT.

Watch Bryan Johnson’s morning routine

The Science of Measurement: Bryan Johnson’s approach to age reversal is grounded in the power of measurement. His website, BLUEPRINT, not only reveals his daily routine but also reflects his philosophy of advancing individual and collective progress. He emphasizes the concept of the Autonomous Self, which harnesses the capabilities of modern technology to automate decision-making processes related to diet, exercise, and sleep.

Age Reversal Metrics: Johnson regularly monitors nearly every aspect of his body, encompassing measurements from 70 different organs. These measurements are not just compared to clinical standards but are also evaluated against those of younger individuals. Notable measurements include his fasting blood glucose, body fat percentage, grip strength, testosterone, inflammation levels, NAD+ levels, and respiratory fitness. His biological (epigenetic) age, which can be lower or higher than his chronological age, suggests that he is aging at the pace of a 10-year-old (0.69 years per year), outpacing most 18-year-olds and even many 47-year-olds. Notably, he achieved a world record by reducing his biological age by 5.1 years in just seven months.

Consulting the Autonomous Self: The Autonomous Self allows Bryan Johnson to leverage objective data provided by his body to make decisions about his lifestyle, minimizing the need for time-consuming choices.

This, in turn, helps him eliminate self-destructive behaviors and focus on his age-reversal goals.

Age Reversal

The Goal Alignment Solution: Johnson believes that many of our self-destructive behaviors stem from a “Goal Alignment problem.” He posits that individuals possess multiple selves, each with distinct goals. When the objectives of these selves conflict, inner turmoil and self-destructive habits emerge. Bryan’s solution to this problem is to identify and restrain the destructive self by consulting the Autonomous Self.

Anti-Aging Routine

Through Goal Alignment (eliminating conscious decision-making) via his Autonomous Self (monitoring his biological measurements), Johnson’s ultimate goal is to stop his own biological aging. He is attempting this by following over 200 science-backed protocols, which he updates with new and emerging scientific evidence. Upon waking, Bryan wears a red-light helmet for hair growth and heart-rate variability therapy.

Then he has what he calls the Green Giant: 

And his morning pills: 

Before bed 

Age Reversal

Bryan Johnson’s Detailed Daily Routine: Once his rigorous 1-hour exercise routine is complete, Johnson moves on to his dietary regimen. His meals are strategically planned and designed to support age reversal. He adheres to a vegan diet, consuming a total of 1,977 calories daily, with the exception of collagen peptides. This carefully structured diet comprises 19% protein, 33% carbohydrates, and 48% fat, while maintaining a caloric deficit. Additionally, he practices intermittent fasting for 16 to 18 hours each day.

With dinner, Johnson takes another set of pills, most of which mirror the supplements he consumes in the morning. Notably, he includes 375 mg of NR (nicotinamide riboside), a potent NAD+ booster. However, he recently announced his plans to switch to NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) for a 90-day experiment to assess its potential impact.

Johnson’s commitment to age reversal extends to his sleep regimen. His bedroom is meticulously controlled, with temperature settings carefully monitored, and curtains that remain perpetually closed. He ensures a full ten hours of sleep each night, allowing his heart rate and metabolism to remain in a state of rest.

Bryan Johnson’s unwavering dedication to age reversal and his comprehensive daily routine reflects his unshakable commitment to redefining the possibilities of aging, offering valuable insights into the intersection of science and human potential.

In conclusion, Bryan Johnson’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to age reversal and human enhancement. Through BLUEPRINT, he demonstrates how embracing modern technology and data-driven decision-making can potentially unlock the secrets to a longer, healthier life. As Johnson passionately advances the boundaries of human potential, his pioneering approach serves as an inspiration for those who seek to redefine aging and embrace a healthier, more youthful future.

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