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Unveiling the Dark Truth: Rethinking Cancer and Deadly Diseases through a Fresh Perspective

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Here’s an alternative explanation about cancer.

Consider the concept of codes for a moment. Our DNA functions like a barcode, encoding various processes in the body, including protein synthesis and the formation of cells, which, in turn, comprise organs, constituting our human body.

What is food?

It serves as information, much like codes, aligned with Mother Nature. We are inherently connected to nature, where each creature possesses its unique code that harmonizes with other nutritional codes, ensuring alignment with our bodies.

What occurs when we consume GMOs, pesticides, or processed foods laden with harmful chemicals? These manmade foods alter Mother Nature’s code especially GMO where we literally change its plant’s DNA.

Drawing a parallel, when someone writes a computer code for a program, it provides instructions. If food is analogous to information or code, directing our DNA’s activities, it makes sense to ingest codes that align with our bodies, ensuring the right information for proper protein synthesis therefore our DNA gets the right information to create proteins that make up our cells.

Unlocking the Universe: Embracing the Fundamental Harmony of Everything as Frequency

If we delve deeper, everything in the universe is frequency, meaning that absolutely everything vibrates at its frequency, which contributes to the structure of everything that exists. When we consume foods that have been altered through modern agriculture, their frequency is lowered. We live in a modern, stressful society where we are bombarded with negativity and fear every day, whether it’s through turning on the TV, watching movies, reading the news, or interacting with people around us. These influences easily manipulate us into a low vibrational state.

In summary, we consume low-frequency foods with altered codes, and we buy into fear, which further lowers our frequency. Even modern science indicates that 80% of our genome is influenced by epigenetics, responding to factors like nutrition, love, socializing with friends, and maintaining a positive outlook on life. This implies that we can actively influence DNA expression, controlling our genome and regulating which genes are turned on and off.

Reconnecting with Nature: Rediscovering Our Vital Bond with the Earth

You’re the Programmer: Decoding Your Health and Reality for Optimal Living

You are the programmer of your physical body and reality. Write the proper codes that decode the information your body needs to heal and function optimally. When you vibrate at the right frequency, absolutely nothing can interfere with your health.

A great example is ‘The Iceman,’ Wim Hof, a Dutch athlete and multiple Guinness World Record holder known for his ability to withstand extreme cold and his extraordinary achievements.

How Wim Hof and 12 other people got injected with an endotoxin

When the codes between you and nature are aligned, not only are you in vibrant health, but you also slow down the aging process. When the body functions optimally, it needs less energy for healing, translating to slower aging because the body doesn’t have to use all its energy to fight off diseases.

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Unveiling the Dark Truth: Rethinking Cancer and Deadly Diseases through a Fresh Perspective

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